Silver Spoons

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Thank You

Sincerely dedicated to my best friends,
Thank you for accepting the fact that I am ugly,
When others fail to look,
Thank you for believing in me,
When others fail to see,
Thank you for knowing what my heart wants,
When others fail to notice,
Thank you for feeling comfortable with me,
When others feel awkward,
Thank you for accepting the fact that I am a sissy,
When others feel I shouldn’t be,
Thank you for trusting me when I say that I am not gay,
When others feel I am,
Thank you for never looking down upon me because I don’t have a car,
When others look for one,
Thank you for supporting me during my times of trouble,
When others fail to help,
Thank you for listening to my torturing rambling,
When others turn around,
Thank you for lending me a shoulder to cry on,
When others don’t want to hear a sound,
Thank you for accepting who I am,
When others think I am a crap.
What would my life be without you people?
Thank you…


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