Silver Spoons

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The Catch

There’s a catch in everything. You know, when you think you have found the perfect woman, she has supermodel looks, knows how to drive, cook and clean, amazingly funny and witty, but only to discover that she smokes? Or when you think you have found the perfect guy, who has a sexy face and an athletic body, possesses two houses and three cars, but only to find out that he is gay? And of course, when you found a perfect job, the pay is superbly high, the benefits are overwhelming, the working environment is good, the colleagues are friendly, but it is a four hours drive to and fro from the office every morning? Would you go for it? Would you turn a blind eye to the catch and open your eyes wide to the good points instead? Or would you dwell on the catch and look for better options, only to trap yourself in yet another catch? And the questions repeat themselves…


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